Galeotti, Sergio

Galeotti, Sergio

Sergio Galeotti (1945 – 1985) was a fashion manager, business partner of Giorgio Armani.

His history

Born in Tuscany, he was intelligent, brilliant, sharp and ironic, gifted with a rare and contagious good humor. He had a light-hearted generosity and a desire to face life boldly and with joy. He was one of the forerunners of the success of Italian prêt-à-porter. It was his doing that Armani, who designed for Hitman and third parties, decided to create his own collection. Sergio saw his talent, but also understood that the times were propitious.

Sergio Galeotti and Giorgio Armani.

Galeotti and Armani, fifty-fifty business partners, united in a perfect and iron-clad partnership of ideas and aspirations, prepared themselves and dared to launch, even if with rather limited means, an ambitious creative project that would develop into Giorgio Armani S.p.A., in a really extraordinary series of successes. The entrepreneur would take care of the marketing, finance, and development, but also keep a careful and critical eye on the collections; the fashion designer, instead, followed the design and the study of what would become the famous Armani style. Galeotti, with an innate intuition for changes in clothing, developed brilliant projects for expansion, among which was the concept of Emporio Armani, well in advance of the era of second lines.

At the moment of the firm’s definitive success in all the foreign markets and at the peak of his own success, Galeotti died, at the very young age of 40. Armani keeps the memory of his friend and business partner alive and is working to create a foundation in his name.

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