Carlo Rivetti

Rivetti, Carlo (1956)

Carlo Rivetti, an Italian entrepreneur in the clothing sector, is the president of Stone Island.


The Rivetti surname has been a part of the Italian fashion world since the nineteenth century and was initially known in the wool industry in the Biella area. In 1872, the woolen mill Giuseppe Rivetti e Figli merged with the Turin-based group GFT (Gruppo Finanziario Tessile).

After several generations, Silvio – Carlo’s father – and his brothers Franco and Pier Giorgio led the family industry to success. Indeed, in the 1950s, GFT specialized in the mass production of clothing, anticipating the development of industrial fashion production in Italy.

Headquarter of Textile Financial Group
Headquarter of Textile Financial Group

In the 1970s, Marco Rivetti – son of Franco and cousin of Carlo – contributed to the affirmation of Made in Italy products in the world. During those years, GFT produced and distributed the collections of Giorgio Armani, Valentino, and other designers, helping them achieve international success.

In the 1980s, the family decided to expand into sportswear as well and purchased C. P. Company. As a result, a sportswear division was created within GFT. Carlo was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer.

After Marco’s death in 1996 and the absorption of the group into the Hsp holding, GFT ceased its activity in 2003.


However, Carlo had already left GFT in 1993. Together with his sister Cristina, he took over C. P. Company and renamed it Sportswear Company S.p.a.

In 2010, the entrepreneur sold the brand to focus on Stone Island, a brand acquired by the company in 1982. Since 2020, Stone Island has been acquired by Moncler, and Carlo and Cristina have become shareholders of the holding company. Currently, Rivetti is a non-executive member of the Board of Directors of Moncler S.p.A.

Stone Island
Stone Island

Carlo Rivetti has been a lecturer in Marketing for Industrial Design and Men’s Fashion Design at the Polytechnic University of Milan and has held various institutional roles, such as a member of the board of directors of Pitti Immagine. In 2021, the entrepreneur purchased Modena Football Club with the family company Rivetex.


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