Yardley is an English brand of fragrances, with over two centuries of history and success. The company was founded by Lord William Yardley in 1770. In 1910, when the company was the one of the leading soap manufacturers in England and France its renowned lavender fragrance was launched.

Linda Evangelista, in 1996, became the face of the brand in one of the biggest TV beauty campaigns of the nineties.

yardley 2
Linda Evangelista for Yardley

Dunring the 2000s the British company was acquired by health and beauty giant Wipro, under whose leadership the brand continues to work with the best perfumers in the industry to capture the delicate scents of flowers and deliver them in bottles to produce winning fragrances.

Yardley, celebrating 250 years in business, has introduced a new look to support the vegan-friendly and cruelty-free product range, continuing the sustainable sourcing for natural ingredients. As a brand, it claims responsibility to the planet, as well as to its customers.

The legendary lavender perfume 

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