André (1892-1968). French photographer. He studied painting in Bordeaux and Paris and opened a studio in Lausanne and then returned to Paris in 1920 where he did advertising illustrations to live and continued to paint and sculpt. The mannequins that he created for the Siégel company were immortalized by Man Ray. In 1930 he opened a major studio for advertising photography (among the clients were Bugatti, Vuitton, Kodak, Dunhill, Sandoz, Grand Maison de Blanc) where, in 1931, Robert Doisneau began working as a young assistant. He was interested in the mixture of various languages, and he began to travel in Europe, Russia and the United States. He then moved from 1940 to 1949 to Cairo where he directed the Egyptian film studios. He later returned to Paris as the director of production for French television.