Giovanna (1946). Photographer and journalist. She was the director of Lei. A scholar and teacher of the history of photography, she began her career as a photographer working with several periodicals, especially women’s magazines. In 1985 she became photo editor at Amica. In 1987 she became editor-in-chief at Max, then was again a photo editor, at Sette, the magazine linked to Corriere della Sera. In 1990 she joined the Condé Nast group as director of photography at Vanity Fair. In 1991 she was put in charge of Lei, where should remain until the magazine closed.
After her time as photo editor at the weekly Lo Specchio della La Stampa, she assumed the same position at Sport Week, the magazine attached to La Gazzetta dello Sport. Considered one of the best Italian photo editors and the recipient of many awards in France, she was artistic director of Rencontres de la Photographie of Arles in 1998, and is artistic consultant for the Fondation CCF pour la Photographie.