La Pinuccia is an Italian model.

This is how she was referred to in Milan; the article “La” before her real name is a connotation of affection. She was the first-ranked of the models in the Ventura dressmaker’s. She was not beautiful, but had a splendid figure, and was sexy, generous, flirtatious, animated, friendly, and diplomatic. She was the lover of a famous ageing industrialist. She had plenty of jewelry because her taste was extremely refined, but she was also romantic. An indication of her romanticism is that when she fell in love with a young sailor, she took him to Milan where she had opened a small, elegant boutique selling hats and accessories. However, a female Pygmalion was not the style in the 1950s. Pinuccia wanted her sailor to study, but the young man did not believe in studying to achieve success in life: the result was that her jewels and boutique disappeared. But Pinuccia was always supported by her rich customers, and all had become her friends.


D’Aillencourt, Simone

Hall, Jerry