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  1. The Origin
  2. The Icon
  3. Brand Development
  4. Paul & Shark Technology
  5. Events & Exhibitions
  6. 40th Anniversary
  7. Special Projects 
  8. Current  Situation

The Origin

Paul & Shark Logo
Paul & Shark Logo

Company that specializes in sailing wear, and which has a shark as its logo. Paul & Shark was founded On March 4, 1957 at the Maglificio Daco mill, which was founded in 1921, and was re-opened by Gian Ludovico Dini. Then, nine years later changed its name to Dama S.p.A. The company’s products were shipped worldwide due to partnerships with Christian Dior and Balenciaga.

In 1957 the company renamed to the now known, Paul & Shark. At the start of the 1970s Paolo Dini, the eldest son of Gian Ludovico, was in a sailmaker’s workshop in Maine, where the sail from an old 18th-century clipper caught his eye. The inscription read, “Paul&Shark”. At this time, the brand launched into the sports fashion sector with a collection inspired by the world of sailing and based on elegance and performance.

The Icon

Paul&Shark Iconic Pullover
Paul&Shark Iconic Pullover

In 1978 the famous C0P918 pullover was born. It is a sailing sweater that would go onto become an icon of the Paul&Shark style. The pullover is known for its special packaging, which is a metal can used on board ships as a multi-purpose container. This product was the start of a whole new water repellent knitwear collection. The brand quickly became apart of Italian fashion with high-performance technical materials, and most have been patented by Paul&Shark.

The total look of the brand includes pants, Bermuda shorts, swimsuits, and also jackets, blazers, socks, shoes, and umbrellas. Also, knitwear, using a hi-tech machine washable wool called superwash, and more recently a “total easy care” yarn that dries in a domestic spin-drier. The most recent new lines have been for golf, yachting, and items for divers to wear before and after diving.

Brand Development

In 2010 Paul&Shark signed a joint venture with Reliance Group to enter Indian market, later, company opened a 1,100 sq ft store in the capital city’s luxury mall DLF Emporio. Meanwhile, Andrea Dini, owner and CEO of Paul&Shark also said its biggest challenge in India is to engage with  its discerning consumers.

Later, in 2013 Paul&Shark made its debut in eyewear market and launched a new sunglass collection called Floating sunglasses, made from lightweight polypropylene frames which don’t sink in water.

In 2014 the brand’s global expansion plan is continuing, several new stores were opened during this period: two stores opened in Moscow at  Galereja Moskva,  Paul & Shark’s largest flagship store is opened in Turkey Instanbul, several new opening in Italy for Paul & Shark include major cities and luxury tourist destiny. Alongside the store opening, Paul & Shark also set its goal to entirely renovated and redesigned existing stores following the latest retail store concept of the brand.

Paul & Shark Technology

Paul&Shark Typhoon 20000 Technology
Typhoon 20000 Technology

Over the years, Paul&Shark company has put lots of efforts on its research department in order to get better technology that could be adopted for its tech wears. Result to date, Paul&Shark owns several unique technologies including the typhoon, which is a very innovative technique that was exclusively patented by Paul&Shark. They did this by adopting ultra-soft membrane and revolutionary manufacturing process, Typhoon collection provide best waterproof and windproof performance in any weather condition, and guarantee maximum comfort at all times.

The E.M.W Shield is one mobile phone pockets in garments that Paul&Shark designed for protect body from electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile devices. Paul&Shark’s latest research has brought out 3 in one compact technology which allows 3 threads twisted into one single yarn to give garments more resistance.

Events and Exhibitions

The most important event for the inauguration of Paul&Shark was the first Milanese showroom, which took place on January 16, 2015. The sportswear luxury Made in Italy brand officially opened its new space in Via Ciovassino 3, in the heart of the Brera district during Milan Men’s Fashion Week. The guests admired both the new showroom covering an area of 1,000 square metres and the Paul&Shark Autumn/Winter 15-16 collections and accessories presented thanks to the theatrical set-up inspired by the world of water.

Paul Shark Blue Typhoon
Blue Typhoon Installation Created By: Moritz Waldemeyer

Art and fashion blend the magic of light with water in the Blue Typhoon installation, created by the designer Moritz Waldemeyer for Paul & Shark. The brand takes inspiration from the excellence of design by presenting the artwork of the eclectic artist during Design Week 2015, with an exclusive event heldin the elegant spaces of the Milan showroom.

40th Anniversary

Paul & Shark celebrated 40 years of international success with the exclusive event Project 40. The celebratory party took place during Milan Menswear Fashion Week in the brands showroom space in the heart by Brera. Thanks to the collaboration between the fashion brand of luxury sportswear and Wallpaper, the most appreciated design magazine in the world, fashion and design were the main ingredients of the evening in pursuit of the most sophisticated luxury.

Reflecting the strong and decisive personality of the brand, the new Paul&Shark flagship store in Jakarta, which opened on November 24, 2016 already in the Christmassy mood, definitely lives up to its name. The concept is characterised by large illuminated niches that alternate with glass structures in the classic Paul&Shark colors; blue and optical white, a bold contrast between present and future. Situated inside the Pacific Place Indonesia in Jakarta, the boutique covers a surface area of 85 sqm and houses the men and women’s collections.

Special Projects

Paul&Shark Collaboration With Alex Bellini
Collaboration With Alex Bellini

In January 16, 2017 Paul & Shark presented the new Autumn Winter 2017/18 collection and the special FREEZETHEMOMENT project in its showroom in Milan. An extreme adventure that marks the profound changes that are taking place today: Paul&Shark presents the new collaboration with Alex Bellini, the Italian explorer who will set off to face a new solo challenge by climbing the biggest and most impenetrable glaciers in the world.

Alex journey will be followed and recorded day by day by Paul & Shark on its social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube) and on its dedicated website The -40 capsule Collection (three technical jackets, a fleece and a pair of trousers designed to withstand arctic temperatures and the extreme conditions of the glacier) will dress Bellini during the expedition. The departure is set for 20 January from Jokulheimar in Iceland, and will continue on foot to Snaefelia, the last outpost west of the Vatnajökull glacier. To recreate the atmosphere of Iceland s glacier, the guests had a chance to admire the collection nestled in display cases and totems that looked like glaciers, as well as being immersed in a charming atmosphere created by a soft haze of smoke and blue lights.

Current Situation

Paul&Shark 2017 Collection
2017 Collection

At the moment, Paul & Shark is available in 73 countries with over 280 mono brand stores worldwide. The company is family-owned and now is runned by Andrea Dini, the third of his generation. The brand is specialized in luxury sportswear within numerous new and high technology garments and is considered green, as its energy is provided by solar panels.