Mame NaraCamicie

The Origin of NaraCamicie

The story of NaraCamicie began in 1984 when a Milanese entrepreneur, Walter Annaratone, thanks to his family’s decades of experience in retailing, focused on the possibility of opening franchised stores specialized in shirts. A quality product, combined with a sought-after image, would certainly find an important place within the Italian and international market.

Two very young entrepreneurs, Mario Pellegrino, designer and owner of “Passaggio Obbligato” and Enzo Pellettieri, owner of “Camiceria E & G”, were involved in the project. The two companies, with the entry of Walter Annaratone in the social capital, inaugurated the birth of NaraCamicie.

Mame NaraCamicie
NaraCamicie CEO & founder Walter Annaratone.
Mame NaraCamicie
A ‘new look’ for NaraCamicie stores. Restyled Montenapoleone store.


The adventure of the brand in the world of franchising distribution began more than 30 years ago, with the inauguration of the first store in via Montenapoleone in Milan on January 16 1984, still a point of reference for the sales network and brand image. NaraCamicie starts to conquer foreign markets and opens the first single-brand stores in Tokyo, Athens and New York in 1985. Nara Idee is born the same year, the brand extension dedicated to accessories (ties, bow ties, scarves).

Then in 1990, Nara Maglie is born dedicated to knitwear (men’s and women’s). That year, the brand brings to life a campaign for charity, “I was born with the shirt they are not!” in collaboration with UNICEF and supermodel Alek Wek. NaraCamicie goes on to renew the image of its stores in 2000, making the décor and ambience minimal and essential, designed to enhance the product. The next year the brand embarks into a new adventure, opening its first store in Russia.

The 2000s

Naracamicie celebrated its 25 years of opening in 2009, by opening new single-brand stores both in Italy and abroad and is confirmed as the undisputed icon of the Italian shirt. Between 2010 to 2011 NaraCamicie consolidates its distribution network in the Middle East with the opening of single-brand stores in Teheran, Dubai, Abu-dhabi and Doha.

The brand celebrated 30 years of its success in 2014 by creating a limited-edition, 6 silk organza shirts all Made in Italy. The same year, the label conquers Australian market by opening a single-brand store in Sydney. Early 2016, the brand starts restyling its stores starting with the Montenapoleone store. “The Centre” of Arese welcomes the new store with open arms. NaraCamicie is now present in the largest shopping centre in Italy. NaraCamicie stylist, Mario Pellegrino was awarded ‘Mazaresi Excellence’ Award on 9th July 2016, by the Canto del Marrobbio – the cultural association active in Mazara del Vallo.

Mame NaraCamicie
Aphrodite Award 2017.

NaraCamicie arrived in Columbia in April 2017, opening a new store in Medellín. In June, the brand sponsored a women’s evening, Aphrodite Award 2017 that celebrated and awarded women from the world of cinema, writing, TV, journalism, and sports.

From March 2018, onwards the brand announced that it will restart restyling of its Italian stores starting from the Ligurian capital of Genoa, aiming to for a ‘new look’ for all its stores in the new few months.


Today NaraCamicie, with its 250 Italian and 150 foreign points of sale, has a turnover of over 50 million euros. The brand’s turnover in 2015 was around 40 million euros and the brand has been earning around 50% from foreign exports since 2013, making it one of the greatest success stories of modern Italian brands.

Current Situation

Success of the market and the public NaraCamicie stores have spread widely throughout the country and internationally. For the recent restyling works of its stores, the brand entrusted the C & P architects of Venice with the task of signing its new retail image, a project that uncovers all the upcoming openings, starting with the Arese Shopping Centre.

“We have involved Luca Cuzzolin and Elena Pedrina, two architects who were able to keep the soul of the original project, enriching it and updating it with more current contents”, explained Walter Annaratone in an official note.  

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