German ready-to-wear brand. Created in 1978 by Wolfgang Joop (1944), who had started out as a freelance designer for international fashion houses in the 1970s. In 1978 he launched a synonymous Collection of furs. From 1981 he presented a ready-to-wear Collection with the brand name Joop! (with the exclamation mark). Professor of the Superior Institute of Fine Arts in Berlin, he has obtained several prizes including the Fil d’Or and the Goldene Spinrad. In 1985 he launched his first menswear Collection and an accessories line. He also opened a restaurant chain. Two years later was the time for cosmetics and of the perfume Joop!, which conquered the American market. Later he started eyewear and jeans lines. In 1988 in Hamburg, he established the company Joop! Fashion GmbH. He is famous for eccentric fashion, extremely amplified, in which many elements are superimposed on different layers. His ever-trendy Collection extolled the body and its femininity. He often draws inspiration from artistic movements that have appeared in the course of centuries. For example, his 1987-88 Collection was inspired by the Italian Renaissance.