Danielle Bernstein (1992) is the founder of WeWoreWhat

Danielle Bernstein (born on 28th May 1992) is an American influencer and fashion designer. She graduated from William A. Shine Great Neck South High School in 2010 and she continued her studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Young Danielle pursued her passion for fashion which has given her the reputation of shrewd fashion designer right from the start.

Danielle BernsteinDanielle Bernstein

Popularity was not denied, even by the various media processes that accused her of copying the design of some masks created by a brand. As a device to counter the Covid-19 pandemic. The news, which went around the world through Social Networks, was reported by some international media such as Diet Prada and WWD. This, however, was only the tip of the iceberg. Bernstein, in fact, was accused of having copied the Foundrae label for the design of her jewels in 2018. In fact, Danielle joined the activity of entrepreneur with that of influencer and blogger, developed through the WeWoreWhat blog. The evidence of the facts forced the American influencer to take a step back and apologize (and in tears) with a post published on her Instagram profile.

In any case, her commitment as an entrepreneur did not register slowdowns. Her social activity allowed her to be counted by Forbes among the most influential under 30s of 2017. Later, the fruitful collaboration with Onia for the creation of a capsule collection of swimwear was born, followed, in 2019, by her own beachwear line, also created in collaboration with Onia. In 2020, in collaboration with Macy’s, Bernstein launched her eponymous brand, also sold on the WeWoreWhat shop.

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