Biasi, Chiara Biasi

Biasi, Chiara

Chiara Biasi is one of the best known influencers in Italy. She also has a large following internationally. Today she has almost 4 million followers on Instagram.


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Entering her page on her Instagram, she appears like a diva: travels, fashion events, invitations to fashion shows, gala dinners. This (but not only) is what we find published by Biasi, and the reason why many girls would like to be like her. In addition to being an influencer, she can also be considered a model, given that she often poses for her own advertising campaigns.


She was born in 1990, in Pordenone, on March 28, under the zodiac sign of Aries.
She soon leaves her hometown and moves to Milan, a city that could certainly stimulate her talent and her passion for fashion. Here she meets Chiara Ferragni, already started in the digital world with her blog Theblondesalad, who advises Biasi to also open a personal blog of her own.
The girl follows the advice of her friend and thanks to her flair for fashion and the sharing of her lifestyle she quickly becomes very popular.

Chiara Biasi with Chiara Ferragni

At the age of 20 she suffers ischemia, and this leads her to extensively re-evaluate her priorities. The illness was also one of the reasons why the blogger doesn’t like gossip and, as much as possible for a girl of her fame, she tries to keep her personal life quite private.

The beginnings

Her success in the fashion world takes hold in 2012, with the opening of her Lifestyle blog. And the key word for Biasi is precisely this: lifestyle. Yes, because she not only promoted looks from which to take inspiration or fashion events, but also advice on travel, food and design. As much as her blog has moved to her Insta profile to date, she continues to do this.

Over the course of 2012 she begins collaborations for various brands, especially costumes, such as Bikini Lovers and Pin up stars .

In addition to this, she is invited to events and is a brand ambassador of hotels, restaurants and of fashion’s big names. Among these we find The Attico , GCDS , Benetton . Since 2015 she has also been part of the founding team of the Digital Communication & Production agency, TheComplainers.

The collaboration with Pin Up Stars

In 2016, Biasi continues its collaboration with Pin Up Stars, but this time introducing its own line of swimwear: Poisson d’Amour. The brand is inspired exactly by the eccentricity, but also by the elegance of Chiara, so much so that it was born from her need to find costumes that reflected her tastes. Fantasies, irreverent, lots of black, a color loved by the blogger, some effervescent colors that make the tan stand out. This was what could be found in Chiara’s capsule collection and that had made all Italian girls go crazy.Chiara Biasi X Poisson d’amour

Line of swimwear: Poisson d’Amour

In 2017 Chiara publishes her first book through Mondadori : Chiaroscuri.


As it turns out, Chiara is not only a girl who likes luxury shopping, but she is creative, with a disruptive personality. This is also evident from her friendships, among which the eccentric stylite Gilda Ambrosio, one of the two founders of the super requested brand The Attico, appears.

Chiara Biasi wit Gilda Ambrosio

After the foundation of her friends’ brand, Chiara also continues to make her way into the world of creation, and puts herself, so to speak, also on the other side of the photographic lens.

Matinée is a brand mainly of beachwear Made in Italy, of Ocean Style Srl.
The brand was not founded by Chiara, but by Giusy Piacente, debuting on the market in 2019 with its first Capsule, Jamaica, which is signed by Biasi. .

The success of the line is stellar. In May 2020, Chiara returns to collaborate with Matinée for her second Capsule, ICE CREAM TRUCK.

Chiara X Matinée

Once again the success is sensational and this means that starting from 2021, Chiara is named creative director of the brand, giving life to a new logo and a fresh and elegant collection, which not only includes costumes, but also suits and coordinated sets, comfortable, simple and fresh, very dear to Biasi. The new collection was named by her L’ÎLE.

The slogan of this beachwear and clothing line is inclusivity. Biasi’s clothes want to reach everyone, whatever size or color of the skin, whatever gender.  

In the fall of 2022, on his social profile, she announces that a new collection will arrive entirely composed of socks, a garment that Chiara adores, signed by Matinée.

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