ASSOFIBRE CIRFS ITALIA represents the manufacturers of artificial and synthetic fibers. Assofibre Cirfs Italia is also a member of the CIRFS (International Rayon and Synthetic Fibers Committee) and UNITEX (National Association Unification Textile Products). It participates with the trade associations in coordinating activities in favor of the Italian textile supply chain.


The total turnover of the sector in 2019 was approximately 1,200 million euros.

An intense and effective collaboration with CIRFS, the European Association of Manmade Fiber Manufacturers, allows the development of common initiatives, with the necessary critical mass to obtain concrete results.

There are different interventions that characterize the activities of ASSOFIBRE CIRFS ITALIA. Among theme, the monitoring of imports of fibers, promoting, if necessary, specific anti-dumping actions, regulation, and standardization of fibers. Moreover, the company developes industrial policy proposals and particular projects of sectoral interest such as those in the field of industrial research.

Textile and Health Association

Essential is the Textile and Health Association’s participation and the activity. It aims at monitoring both the aspects that link textile products to health and the problems connected to imported products that do not reflect European regulations.

The associative activity in sustainability is incredibly intense, with initiatives aimed at combating stereotypes that can damage human-made fibers’ image.

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