Alighiero (1940-1994). Italian artist. In 1967, at the Piper Club of Turin, he presented, with Anne-Marie Sauzeau, Gilardi and others, a Collection of artist clothes. Bizarre and witty, Boetti’s women’s styles are closely connected to the work that he developed as part of the Arte Povera movement of the period. His Collections consist of three unique pieces: three short sheath dresses, sleeveless, composed of two layers of transparent plastic with inlays of different kinds on the inside. In the first, gold straw and matches; in the second, one lira and half lira coins; in the third, water with detergent green foam and goldfish swimming in it during the time of the presentation. The materials inside the clothes remind one of the stratifications of a work such as Un metro cubo (1968). In 1977 he created a T-“shirt with a green breast pocket called Ordine e disordine, and Aquilone, which was practically a foulard (both Edizione 2R, Genoa). In 1990, came the T-“shirt My point of view (Edizione Parkett).