Bottega Veneta is one of the leading brands in luxury leather goods manufacturing. Read the history of the brand which created the “Intrecciato” technique

Bottega Veneta is one of the leading brands in luxury leather goods manufacturing

Bottega Veneta is the first issue in English that we will continue to publish with the support of Domus Academy. We will continue with more brands and languages, like Chinese.

Dizionario della Moda Mame: Bottega Veneta.
The detail of the “Intrecciato” Technique.


  1. The origins
  2. The first opening in New York
  3. Brand Re-launch
  4. New President and CEO
  5. Current situation

The origins

The Italian luxury goods manufacturer of bags was established in 1967 in Vicenza, Veneto by Michele Taddei and his wife Laura Braggion.

After divorcing Michele, and marrying Vittorio Moltedo, Laura remained the sole owner. The first workshop began in a restored villa in Montebello Vicentino, home to some of the greatest artisans and craftspeople.

The bags, in soft leather and even today all handmade, are typical of the company’s production and have always been highly fashionable. They are known for their noble, elegant and emphasized detail of their leather goods.

They developed a distinctive weaving technique, by taking the intrecciato technique, typically only applied to clothes, and were the first to apply it to leather. After this, their leather goods were considered a delicacy. This was revolutionary, and till this day, is the most recognizable element in the brand DNA.

They are considered a lead representative of Italian quality and elegance with technique passed down through generations.

Mame Fashion Dictionary: Bottega Veneta. Clutches.

The first opening in New York

Later, the firm opened a single-brand shop in New York in 1971. It was the first of the Italians to be on Madison Avenue. Clients Jackie Onassis and Mary Tyler Moore helped launch the new brand store.

Twelve more single-brand shops would later open in America, plus boutiques in Paris, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Milan, Rome, Venice, and Florence, along with 35 shops in Japan. In 1998 there was a prêt-à-porter Collection inspired by American sportswear which made its début at Milano Collezioni in October of the following year.

Mame Fashion Dictionary: Bottega Veneta. The store on Madison Avenue, New York.
The inside of the Madison Avenue’s store in New York.

Brand Re-launch

In 2001 the company joined the Gucci Group, which a few months later, was acquired by PPR, now known as Kering. They reorganized their management structure and appointed a new creative director, Thomas Maier.

He decided to focus on the artisanal production by using the brands iconic technique of weaving “Intrecciato”. Moreover, he chose to remove the logo from the products. He kept the original brand DNA, but added minimalism and expanded the product range into fine jewelries, sunglasses, and home collections.

Since then, they have turned into a brand that emphasizes the lifestyle. The company had record revenues in 2002, especially in the fourth quarter, when it had a 90.5% increase in comparison to a diminished turnover for the other brands controlled by the Kering Group. In 2003 there was the Début of the unisex sunglasses produced for Bottega Veneta by Sàfilo.

In February 2005, Bottega Veneta presented its first women’s ready-to-wear runway show, and in June 2006, its first men’s runway show.

Mame Fashion Dictionary: Bottega Veneta. Bangles.

In April 2006, Bottega Veneta launched its first jewelry line, and started doing interior and furniture design. Later in 2006, the Luxury Institute of New York recognized Bottega Veneta as the most prestigious design house for the richest women of the United States.

In order to maintain their handmade tradition, they collaborated with once Artisa school, Scuola d’Arte Mestieri di Vicenza, and started a new school Scuola della Pelletteria, to educate the new generation of artisans.

New President and CEO

In 2009 Marco Bizzarri becomes the new president and CEO. He made a huge contribution to the economics and strengthened the performance of the company.

Mame Fashion Dictionary: Bottega Veneta. Marco Bizzarri.
Marco Bizzarri.

2 years later, in 2011, turnover reached 6.8 million euros, with a 33.7% increase in one year. Also, profits reached 2 million euro, a 57.1% increase, compared to 2010.

“I am so proud of these numbers. In this way we are able to achieve an incensement of economic growth, but at the same time we kept the quality of our product and manufacturing technique.” – Marco Bizzarri

Then in 2016 the value of the brand officially reached one billion euros.

Current situation

Currently, Bottega Veneta is celebrating their 50th birthday and Maiers 15th anniversary at the house. So, they launched a limited edition collection of handmade bags that represent their heritage in a contemporary way.

Mame Fashion Dictionary: Bottega Veneta. 50th anniversary.
Lauren Hutton and Gigi Hadid at the Bottega Veneta’s 50th anniversary party

The brand is performing and their situation is strong. They have 255 directly operated stores, €1.173 millions in revenue, with 40% of their profit coming from Asia Pacific, and seen in thousands of multi-brand stores.

Today, the brand stands for low profile elegance. There are no shiny accessories, or visible logo. Their workshop remains in the original restored villa in Montebello Vicentino.


Car Shoe is a trademark founded in 1963 by Gianni Mostile’s patent. Read the history of the brand now part of the Prada Group.


  1. The Origins
  2. Car Shoe Enters the Prada Group
  3. The Recent Year’s

The Origins

The Car Shoe brand was founded in 1963, when the Italian Ministry of Industry and Commerce recognized Gianni Mostile’s patent of an absolutely innovative shoe model. The moccasin with a perforated sole made of tiny rubber blocks. Known as a shoe for motorists, but later becomes a fashion accessory of great comfort and convenience.

Car Shoe Enters the Prada Group

Car Shoe Details
Details 2016 Collection

In April 2001, the Prada Group acquired the majority of Car Shoe SA, and became the owner. The intention is to preserve and revitalize the brand through the original style and quality of the “driving” model, conceived by the founder in the 1960s.

The first Car Shoe store was designed by Roberto Baciocchi and opened on Via della Spiga 50 in Milan on March 5, 2001. Afterwards, they opened the Capri and Rome outlets. In 2010 the brand expands its retail network in Asia and opens its first flahsgip store in Signapore, in the prestigious Ion Orchard Mall. The same year, they strengthen their presence in Asia with the opening of another store in Hong Kong. In December 2011, the brand opened its first UK store in London on New Bond Street. In November of the following year, the brand opened in Dubai in the prestigious “Dubai Mall- Level Shoe District”. The last opening, in July 2013, is in Forte dei Marmi.

The Recent Year’s

Car Shoe Fall/Winter 2016 Collection
Fall/Winter 2016 Collection

In June 2010, the Prada Group acquired total control of Car Shoe, recognizing the minority stake by its shareholder. In 2012, the new ecommerce site is launched. Then, launches its social profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

In 2013, at the 50th anniversary celebration, Car Shoe launched a new driving model in collaboration with Lamborghini Automobiles. The same year the brand launches the Driver’s Club, a space dedicated to lifestyle and tradition inspired by the passion for driving. For the September 2013 edition of Goodwood’s Revival Festival, the historic car race, Car Shoe has designed an original temporary store at Goodwood High Street, West Sussex, for the duration of the festival.

In 2014, the brand introduces “Car Shoe Bulletins”, travel notes that travel through the most iconic streets in the world.