Rodriguez, Pedro

Pedro Rodriguez (1895-1990): Spanish Designer

Tailoring apprenticeship and Balenciaga’s esteem

Pedro Rodriguez (1895-1990) was a Spanish fashion designer, professionally loved by Balenciaga. Before making his debut, he served a long sartorial apprenticeship in Barcelona. In 1919 he opened his own fashion house with his wife Ana Maria, a professional tailor.

The Barcelona International Expo

Ten years later, he walked the runway at the Barcelona International Expo and his fame was consecrated. The Spanish Civil War forced him to go abroad. He resumed work in 1937 in San Sebastián. Two years later, at the end of the war, he reopened a studio in Barcelona and landed in Madrid.

His last years

In 1978, his success declined and he was forced to close down. But he did not retire: he continued to work for his most loyal clientele. His clothes, as simple as two pieces of cloth sewn together or as baroque as the stone borders, can be admired at the Museu Textil I d’Indumentaria in Barcelona which, after his death, dedicated a room to him.

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