Roger & Gallet

Roger & Gallet: French perfume house

Roger & Gallet is a French perfume house founded in 1862, famous for having renewed the world of fragrances and the art of toiletries. The founders, Armand Roger and Charles Gallet, were two acquired cousins of the Collas family, to whom Jean-Marie Farina had given the formula of his famous eau de cologne, Extra Vieille (still a best-seller of the brand which has kept the same name and the same original ingredients).

Extra Vieille
Extra Vieille

By focusing on research and creativity, both in the formulations and in the image, the house quickly succeeded in establishing itself in the haute parfumerie. In 1879 it created the first round soap in history, scented with violets and wrapped in a refined pleated silk. Another fundamental step was the launch at the beginning of the 20th century of the fragrances Narkiss, Cigalia, Jade, whose precious jewel bottles were commissioned to René Lalique.


Among the most recent creations are the three bath lines Bouquet Impérial, Lavande Royale and Vetyver built on the accords of the colognes of the same name (1991); the range of products Doux Nature (’97); the fragrance Eau pour Soi (’99). Since 1975, the house has been part of the Sanofi Group.

The museum-bookshop in Bernay (Normandy) presents the exhibition Roger&Gallet, The art of toiletry from 1862 to today. A collection of over 500 pieces from the Roger & Gallet collections.

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