Pierre Sterlé

Pierre Sterlé

Pierre Sterlé was a French jeweller

Pierre Sterlé (1905-1978) was French jeweller. The jewellery made by this goldsmith is a faithful reflection of 1950s taste; he inherited a passion for the job and also a shop in Rue de Castiglione from his uncle.Pierre Sterlé

Having set up his business in 1934 in the Rue Sainte-Anne, working for jewellers like Boucheron, Chaumet, and Puifocart, he opened a workshop in Avenue de l’Opéra in 1945. He established a close working relationship with the dressmaker Jacques Fath and surrounded himself with cultural and artistic figures, such as Colette, Cocteau, Dalì, and Léonor Fini. 

Pierre Sterlé

Gold thread, arrow brooches, with diamonds and rubies set in platinum, and floral and animal designs are all typical of his output.

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