Monthly magazine of the group Condé Nast Italy. Founded and directed by Flavio Lucchini, its target market is girls who already have an independent life or who would like to. Compared to the traditional glossy magazines produced by the publisher, this magazine is daring in its graphics. The models are taken from the streets, and the fashion illustrated is decidedly wearable, even if it slightly anti-conformist. The periodical was initially received enthusiastically by the public but after two years sales declined. The editor tried to change the magazine’s profile, calling in Franca Sozzani to edit it in 1981. The graphics and content were altered, and the public and new advertisers seemed to support this change in direction. But decline loomed. In 1989 Donatella Sartorio was given the task of halting the slide in sales and Neville Broday was in charge of the graphics. Nonetheless, sales continued to decline. In 1991 further changes were made: Giovanna Calvenzi, formerly of Rizzoli (photo-editor of Amica and chief-editor of Max) was appointed as the new director, but the crisis continued and the magazine closed.