Kids of broken future is a sustainable fashion start-up founded by Elbio Bonsaglio and Martha Sanchez in Milan

Elbio Bonsaglio and Marta SanchezElbio Bonsaglio and Marta Sanchez

Kids of broken future, abbreviated KOBF, is a fashion brand founded in 2018 in Milan by Elbio Bonsaglio and Martha Sanchez.

The brand’s origins

The brand was born as a social criticism of men’s behaviour towards the environment. An irreverent and revolutionary approach that wants to move away from the present to represent the society of the future in which children want to differentiate themselves from the masses of adults indifferent to change. In fact, the brand’s targets are the millennials and generation Z.

The name of the brand derives from the title of the thesis of the co-founder Martha Sanchez, graduated in Fashion Design at Bau, the Barcelona University Design Center.

The expression “Kids of broken future” alludes to a “future without a future”, a world without hope struggling with drought, pollution and global warming. A name that, as Sanchez herself stated, may not make one think of fashion or even urban subcultures – such as punk – which the brand is also inspired by; rather, it recalls the “lost children” of James Barrie’s Peter Pan.

fw21 campaignfw21 campaign

KOBF therefore goes against the trend by creating only collections with recycled waste, such as PET bottles, reconverted marine plastic and uses only organic cotton produced without the use of pesticides or chemicals. The colouring process is also subjected to strict control: the dyes used are only of natural origin and respectful of the environment.

The style of Kids of broken future

As references, the brand looked to art and subcultures of the 70s, 80s and 90s and to the world of skate, rap, the punk movement and the grunge style. He proposed a breakthrough aesthetic thanks also to the many collaborations with artists from all over the world. Robert Yager, Rediet Lonfo and Nirvana Kamala are just some of the artists who have collaborated with the brand by sharing its values. Together they created prints affixed to jackets, t-shirts, skirts, trousers and accessories.

KOBF look in collaboration with Robert Yager, 100% organic cotton and eco friendly digital printKOBF look in collaboration with Robert Yager, 100% organic cotton and eco friendly digital print

Moreover, Kids of broken future proposes “no gender” garments with the explicit desire to question society’s dogmas and prejudices.

Since 2020, the brand has relied on Flowe, a benefit company of the Mediolanum group, in the path to become B corp and carbon neutral.

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