Japanese clothing company. It has 5 production plants and 13 stores for wholesale selling. It manages about a hundred brands, its own and western brands. Since 1989 the company also began to design furniture and accessories such as artificial flowers and decorations for interior decor. Established in 1950 by Kingo Tsujimura, it is currently managed by his son Koiki. It has branch offices in New York, Milan, and in the most important towns of the Far East.
The Japanese company focused its interest on new brands at reasonable prices. This strategy determined a noteworthy increase in sales. As well as the new lines, there was also the license for Jokomoda, deriving from a contract with the Spanish Sybilla. This license determined a raise of 30% in 2001. The line was renamed Jokomoda de Sybilla to strengthen the identification with the renowned Spanish brand.