Giordano Basso

Italian silk factory. It is named after its founder, who established it in 1927 in Breganze (Vicenza). Basso had no particular background. He worked in finance. He was simply motivated by a strong passion for silkworm breeding. He began production with a single old loom in the basement of his house. His clients were soon the most important ateliers of the time. During the 1960s the leadership of his son Gilberto introduced the company to foreign markets, including Japan, Europe, the Arab countries, and North America. The 1990s saw the d├ębut of high-tech fabrics, causing serious difficulties for small factories such as Giordano Basso which still worked the fiber with traditional methods. It was time for a management reorganization, by the third generation. New investments were necessary in order to satisfy the needs of every single customer, putting into effect a niche policy: fabrics in pure silk, blends of silk and wool, jacquards, and soft silk velvets which combined an extreme lightness with the greatest consistency.