D-la Repubblica delle Donne

Weekly supplement to the daily la Repubblica. It made its début on newsstands on May 21st 1996. The editor-in-chief was Daniela Hamaui, who gave the magazine a new approach compared to traditional women’s magazines. Investigations, reportages, and great attention the photographic image soon made it a trendy publication to the point that Wall Paper, a monthly bible of fashion trends, called the magazine a “cult.” In 2002, Hamaui was hired by the weekly L’Espresso. Her position at D was taken over by Kicca Menoni, who left Marie Claire (Mondadori) and signed her first issue on March 12th 2002. Over the years, despite changes in graphics and layout, the magazine continued to work with its top collaborators, including Giuseppe Turani, Vittorio Zucconi, and Umberto Galimberti, who wrote a weekly column called Fashion. It was coordinated by Marina Codecasa Cavallo, who became fashion director in 2003, and it featured the work of great photographers such as Wayne Maser, Robert Erdmann, Christophe Kutner, and Diego Uchitel.