Coragroppo is an Argentinian brand, founded in 2003 in Buenos Aires by homonymous fashion designer.

History of Coragroppo

Cora Groppo started her career with some experiences in fashion houses, then, in 1996, she decided to open her own business, with a project, focused on custom-made clothing, which brought her to a morphological research and made her deepen her knowledge about human body.

In 2003 the fashion designer opened her first mono-brand store, in Buenos Aires, together with Ramiro Lopez Serrot. Then, their distribution expanded and they sold their creations at Galéries Lafayette too. In 2009 the brand received the Fashion Editor Buenos Aires award and opened its first abroad store, in Rome.

Groppo’s knowledge about body allowed her to distance herself by classical shapes and to reinvent silhouettes, creating feminine and minimalist items, whose tailoring elegance was characterized by asymmetry and destructuration.

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