Circolo 1901

Circolo 1901, brand created by Gennaro Dargenio in 2008

Circolo 1901 is an Apulian brand, focused on the production of jackets for men and women, created by designer Gennaro Dargenio, who has been working in the textile sector for over twenty years. At the age of 17, Dargenio took the first steps of his career in the textile sector, establishing himself as a producer of knitted fabrics by developing a deep knowledge of materials and their processes.

2008 was the turning point: he founded Circolo 1901. Today he boasts thirty years of experience, an indomitable passion and a relentless search for new trends and materials, as well as an international presence in the best boutiques, and his total look collections for men / women are worn all over the world.
The same ingredients that gave rise to his unique, original and never conventional brand of him.

Circle 1901
Circle 1901 Men’s Fashion

The Easy Jacket

The experimental approach to the study of fabrics gives shape to an intuition that will lead him to the creation of the brand: to use an unusual fabric, that of the sweatshirt , to reinterpret a formal garment such as the jacket. This is how the Easy Jacket was born, as well as the history of Circolo 1901. The Easy Jacket is a jacket that ranges from classic chic and timeless colors and textures to very lively patterns, perfect for any occasion, comfortable and versatile, that requires an accurate and refined production process. Moreover it can also be in pique , cashmere jersey .Its particular composition makes the jacket a garment that is comfortably washable in the washing machine like any other cotton garment and does not need to be ironed.

circle 1901
Circle 1901: Women’s Fashion

The philosophy of Circolo 1901

The brand’s name hides the stylist’s idea of ​​​​fashion. In fact, the Circolo (Circle) brings to mind an idea of ​​​​belonging, a vision or a common purpose, a bond that unites all those who are part of it and so is the style of Circolo 1901. The brand offers modern clothing that is easy to wear and comfortable. Classic pieces that adapt to the wearer, made with quality raw materials, the result of a series of precise and complex steps. Essentiality is the key to a modern, comfortable, “easy but not simple” outfit proposal.

The brand has been present at several editions of the Pitti Immagine fair.

circle 1901

Circolo 1901 is a Brand owned by SGL srl. At the beginning the company was made up of only four people full of enthusiasm and determination who, guided by the vision of Gennaro and his wife di lui, managed to make it grow over the span of a few years.

Today SGL srl counts on a production site, located in Romania since 1999, with a workforce of 400 units, and one operating in the industrial area of ​​​​Barletta where the 27-person team maintains a horizontal organization devoted to cooperation and trust. In 2017 Gennaro decided to take an important step: to give a new headquarters to his employees. He bought a historic furniture factory in the city, driven by the beauty that is evoked by that place and by the feeling that immediately binds him to the founder who is now almost ninety years old.

The new headquarters of over 3000 m2 is undergoing renovation and will shortly have the task of architecturally representing the characteristics of essentiality, attention to detail and aesthetics that Circolo 1901 has always expressed through its garments.

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