Burma was a costume jewellery company established in France in 1929 by Joe Goldman. The company started off with a very selective production of imitation jewellery. Carefully following the fashion trends, it offered, in fact, reproductions of designs launched from time to time by the most fashionable jewellers. In 1929, when diamonds and platinum were all the rage, established by the success of their exhibit in Paris at the Palais Galliera, the firm made its début with a Collection in silver and Swarovski crystals. The jewels, created using artisanal techniques in limited numbers exclusively for Burma, were initially on sale in boutiques in Paris and the provinces. Later, they were popular in the U.S. and other markets, Italy included, thanks to a very well developed distribution network. The fame of Burma jewels was also tied to the success of actresses of great charm such as Arletty and Michèle Morgan, who often wore them in their films, and to famous personalities who in some cases became spokespersons for the products. Today, Burma’s costume jewellery continues to be sold worldwide, in styles that vary according to the taste of individual countries.