Boot 1700s

Boot, type of shoe


It can be simply defined as a shoe made up of a shaft that reaches or exceeds the knee. While the ankle boot, its classic variant, ends the leg between the ankle and mid-calf. Initially it is a purely masculine shoe. In the 18th century, refined models were made in embroidered leather or spartan ones in oxhide. During the second half of the 19th century, women’s fashion wanted ankle  in leather or silk satin in various ways, with a large heel and laces like strings or a sequence of side buttons. Then, for a few decades, the boot fell into oblivion to make an appearance in a “boot”, short and with an elastic band, thanks to the Beatles and their success.

From the 60s to the 70s a truly great season was revived: camperos and Texans dressed the feet of men and women alike, while the “musketeer” in nappa leather or the “Barbarella” just above the knee, in suede or patent leather, triumphed.

The 80s see it spotted while from the 90s onwards the designer style triumphs: in lace and bridal (Valentino), rigorous and severe (Armani), lively and pop (Versace) up to the boot in ripped and cut denim just like jeans or the evening one, complete with real or presumed jewels.

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