Simone Baron (1909-2000) was a french journalist and decorator. Born in La Rochelle, she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, becoming a designer and a decorator. After her studies she began to work with several newspapers, including Jardin des modes and Marie Claire. In 1939 she worked for Aujourd’hui, which was under the direction of Henri Jeanson. In 1948 she was introduced to Hélèn Gordon-Lazareff, the director of Elle, who on seeing her exclaimed: “Your are small, me too, we will get along!” (they were both less than five feet tall), and became chief editor of the magazine. In this period she began her climb to success. Together with Lazareff she would revolutionize the world of the woman’s weekly. Starting in 1957 she had a column for women in France-Soir, one of the most important French newspapers. In 1963 she went to Journal du Dimanche as the fashion editor and stayed there until 1995.