Guido (1931). Textile entrepreneur. He was president of Federtessile from 1975 to 1980, a time when the federation was only getting started and Italian prêt-à-porter was booming. With three vice-presidents, Angelo Pavia, Giancarlo Lombardi and Mario Boselli, at his side, he fought with success against Progetto 80, a government plan to help certain industries such as chemicals, electronics and aviation while excluding others such as clothing and textiles which were considered mature and not in need of assistance. He understood, as Beppe Modenese maintained, that the Italian fashion industry had to focus on Milan as the sole location for its shows in order to facilitate the work of journalists and to provide a comprehensive visual experience of the creative and entrepreneurial strength of Italian design. He joined with Modenese in trying (with success) to convince designers to present their Collections at the Fiera di Milano, of which, twenty years later in 1997, he would be appointed president. He resigned from the post in 1998 over a policy disagreement.