Anand Kabra is an Indian stylist who creates clothes with formal and chromatic parallels with past artists.

Anand Kabra is an Indian stylist born in 1974. After studying at the College of Design of London, in 1997 he returned to his country of origin. His brand ‘Anand Kabra’ was launched in 2001. He debuted at the Lakmé Fashion Week in India with his Spring Summer ’07 collection in October 2006. He works and lives in Hyderabad, India.

anand kabra

His collections up to now have been characterized by formal and chromatic parallels with artists of the past, such as Tamara de Lempicka and Art Deco, protagonists of the autumn-winter 2007 collection.


Anand Kabra’s brand is an eloquent brand of juxtapositions. It’s a dialogue that embraces his own heritage but imagines it within modernism. It’s a contemporary aesthetic that blends liveliness and elegance. The collections are a game of sensuality and serenity. The brand’s raison d’etre is its ability to tell a story through bright colours, graphic brushstrokes or flower prints and exquisite embellishments. A strong topic guides each collection where the emphasis is on instinct, emotion, intimacy and always inevitably femininity.

The designer Anand Kabra returned to the catwalk in 2013 after a sabbatical of two and a half years. He presented his designs at the Lakme Fashion Week, Winter Festive Season, the focus was on the global woman, with a contemporary Indian style.

“Nizami is something that my drawings have become famous for. But my drawings are an expression of who I am. It’s a by-product of living in Hyderabad. Hyderabad’s influence invades my work. This is the first ready-to-wear fashion show with couture-like details. The ease of wearing and the practicality of my models will be the strong point of this show. There are also many hand-painted designs.”

Anand Kabra Collection 2013

Anand’s designs focus on craftsmanship and the finest details. The dresses are made from rich and luxurious fabrics of silk and chiffon. Anand said: “The inside matters a lot. The comfort of a dress is reflected in the body language”. Speaking of his muse, he said that the independent woman who has a lot of responsibilities and doesn’t have a lot of time, but wants to look her best, is the kind of woman he draws for. Anand believes that Indian fashion is going through a bad phase, which is why you have to be original.

Being one of the most sought after names in Hyderabad, his clothes have fans all over the country and he himself participates in several big fashion events. Notably, he has also worked in some South Indian films: he designed actress Shriya Saran’s wardrobe for many films. Recently worked on actress Hansika Motwani’s clothes for one of her latest films.

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