Palombo, Alexsandro

Palombo, Alexsandro (1973). Italian designer born in the Salento region. At 19 he moved to Milan to study fashion design at the Marangoni Institute.


Palombo, Alexsandro (1973). Italian designer. Ha was born in the Salento region. When he was 19 he moved to Milan to study fashion design. He studied at the Marangoni Institute. Additionally he wanted to express and intensify his connection to the culture of Salento. He did so through studies of the ethnology and historiography of the Mediterranean region.

In March 1998 he created the aleXsandro Palombo brand, with a capital X like the P in his surname to indicate the Christian symbol of pax Christi. After his first presentation in March 2001, the international press defined him as the artist-designer of ethno-eroticism. The visionary art of aleXsandro Palombo    comes to life in an atmosphere of freedom, both real    and fictitious. Additionally he is also a contemporary visionary Pop artist and activist, an eclectic creative and illustrator.

The American newspaper The New York Times of March 3, 2003 called him “a new talent of color and knitwear.” His creative path is characterized by the symbols of his land: the Taranta, a music and a dance which combine mysticism and sensuality, religious references to Padre Pio and Mother Theresa, and socio-political statements like the wearing of a kefiah.


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