Accademia Del Lusso

Accademia Del Lusso

ACCADEMIA DEL LUSSO is an Italian higher education academy.

Opened in 2005, the Accademia del Lusso is an Italian school of higher education specialising in the preparation of creative and managerial profiles for the fashion and luxury sectors.

Aims of the Academy

The aim of the Accademia del Lusso is to provide basic theoretical and practical training in the fields of design and fashion. In order to succeed in this task, students are provided with historical-artistic, psycho-sociological, aesthetic, legal and management tools related to the acquisition of skills in various expressive languages.

Accademia Del Lusso
Accademia del Lusso: alta formazione, corsi accreditati dal Ministero. – Il Sole 24 ORE

The fashion school focuses on luxury, both because it is a fast-growing market for Italy and the rest of the world, and because of the difficulty for young people to reach these sectors, which are often too closed and private, thus becoming a key for them. To do this, it relies on the authority and field experience of its teachers, who are all established professionals in the various fields of fashion.

Offices in Milan and Rome

Accademia Del Lusso
Accademia del Lusso – Scuola di Moda | Turismo Roma

The Academy has its registered office in Milan at Via Montenapoleone 5; the other three course venues are in Milan at Via privata Choggia 2/4 and in Rome at Piazza di Spagna 9 and Via Matera 18.

International Collaborations

Accademia del Lusso’s most important past and present collaborations are:
● Pratt Institute, New York – USA
● Mod’Art, Paris – France
● EIML Ecole International de Marketing du Luxe, Paris – France
● FAD Fashion and Design InstitutePune, Mumbai – Dubai
GSD – Gurukul School of Design, Ramchandpura – India
University of Cincinnati – DAAP, College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning
● POLI – Politécnico Grancolombiano, Bogota – Colombia
● LABA Douala – Libre Académie des Beaux-Arts – Cameroon

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