Charlotte Solnicki

Charlotte Solnicki

Charlotte Solnicki, Argentine fashion designer

Charlotte Solnicki is an Argentinian fashion designer known for her very personal use of trendy prints and cuts. The fabrics used mainly are cotton for the trousers, silk for the dresses and fur for the coats, all revisited through a decidedly conceptual style of dressing. Her clothes are colorful and fun and are sold even in the most luxurious boutiques in New York.

Charlotte Solnicki
Solnicki 2008

Womenswear brand Charlotte Solnicki presented its 80s inspired Spring/Summer 2008 collection at Fashion ID. Glamour, colour, blend of textures and exaggerated volumes are the main items this season.

For the new collection they presented their designs at a fashion show in Arizona (United States). Designers Melina and Jessica Solnicki took inspiration from the 80s to break the rules and free up volumes and colour. In addition, new textures, shocking colors and a lot of femininity appear in each of the pieces of the new collection for a modern woman who is encouraged to be uninhibited and who transgresses the traditional.



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