A brand belonging to Gemmindustria, a company founded in Milan in 1943 that operates in the production and distribution of precious stones and pearls in the jewelry business. The brand found immediate success in the market at the beginning of 1996 thanks to a well-planned marketing operation and an effective international advertising campaign. The jewelry stands out for the very high quality of its South Sea pearls, which are presented in many different compositions, often playing on the contrast between colors: white, gold, silver blue, etc. Among the various types of pearls used, Keshi pearls hold a special position: they are seedless pearls that form spontaneously inside the Pinctada maxima pearl oyster and are characterized by unique semi-baroque drop or button shapes. The Batik collection is typical of the technical skill and precious materials of the brand, with natural stones, diamonds and South Sea pearls combined in intricate settings. Utopia’s products are available in Europe and the USA in jewelry shops equipped with instruments capable of certifying the quality of the pearls.