Christy (1969). Top model. Born in Oakland, California. Green eyes, brown hair. Half American and half Salvadoran, she represented the most refined and elegant look of the 1990s. She was 13 when she was discovered by the photographer Dennie Cody who saw her riding on horseback and sent photographs of her to a modeling agency. After a contract with a San Francisco agency, she signed with Ford but did not become a professional model until finishing high school, at the age of 18. In 1993 she was named the face of the year. Her image was linked on an exclusive basis to Maybelline cosmetics, Calvin Klein perfumes, and the Strenesse label. She did runway presentations for the biggest names in fashion. In 1999, she took a B.A. in Comparative Religion and Philosophy and, after leaving the runways, devoted herself full time to yoga, which she has been practicing for 15 years. She wrote a book entitled Living Yoga and oversaw the Nuala line, devoted to yoga, from Puma. She also has a line of Ayurvedic cosmetics called Sundari. In 2002 she married Ed Burns. In her career she was on the covers of a thousand international magazines, the last of them was Vogue America, October 2002.