Susan Fang (2017)

Susan Fang is a contemporary womenswear brand based in London, founded in 2017

The Susan Fang brand is based on innovation in fabrics and methods of development of sustainable practices within design and production, focusing on handicrafts and on handicraft production.

Susan Fang

Designer Susan Fang

Of Chinese descent, Susan Fang grew up in Canada and the United States, before moving to London to study fashion at Central Saint Martins. Following her experiences working at fashion houses Kei Kagami, Céline, and Stella McCartney, Susan wanted to launch her own brand to translate her vision of the world into reality through fashion.

SUSAN FANG launched her eponymous brand in 2017 following her graduation from Central Saint Martins. It is inspired by concepts relating to the perception of beauty and the instinctive fascination of nature. In fact, each collection combines innovative fabrics, colors, and silhouettes to create garments and accessories with artistic originality.

It has obtained several awards from professionals operating in the sector and has been shortlisted for

Forbes 30 Under 30 2019 and 2020. It has also been shortlisted for the LVMH award. The SUSAN FANG brand is present internationally at prestigious retailers such as Browns, Farfetch, Net a Porter, Selfridges, Dover Street Market London/Singapore/US, Machine A and IT.

Brand Style

Each collection combines fabrics, colors, and innovative silhouettes to create garments and accessories with artistic originality. SUSAN FANG’s thought is not to be guided by trends or style or even just by an aesthetic cue, but to go beyond the confines of pure design to express a mirage of artistic illusions.

The brand predominantly focuses on innovation in textiles and the development of methods of sustainable practices within design and production.

For the Autumn/Winter 2018 collection, Susan developed a completely new weaving technique which she calls ‘Air-weave’. This technique allows the fabric itself to float between two- and three-dimensional realms, leading to textile design and innovation that presents colors and shapes in fluid motion. A technique that he further explored in the spring/summer 2019 collection and which he continues to develop and expand for subsequent productions.

Susan Fang’s Fall 2021 collection “Air-Time” is based on Carlo Rovelli’s book “The Order of Time”. It aims to demonstrate that time does not exist in the way we imagine. The result is a lookbook that includes enchanting images developed with a photographic method from the 1850s.


Susan Fang
Susan Fang SS21. Material fabrics, inspired by the natural world.

Latest news

She has teamed up with &OtherStories to build an adult collection. The giant’s latest collaboration has seen the designer’s signature craftsmanship and penchant for storytelling appeal to a new global audience.

“Nature was our main inspiration for this collection and the idea of creating dreamy individual pieces that can also be worn in your everyday wardrobe,” Fang tells us. “For me, this is a collection that connects nature, dreams and surrealism through fashion. We’ve added floral elements to all the pieces, some flowers appear in English embroidery, some in felting, and some are made from beads. And we combined the floral motifs of our mother’s designs with sheer fabrics to make them appear to float, giving the wearer a sense of freedom.”

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