Patagonia is an American sportswear brand 

Patagonia is an American label founded in Ventura, California in 1975.

2016 campaign

Sportswear excellence 

It has always specialised in sportswear, producing items for fishing, yoga, surfing, skiing, free climbing, and mountain biking. It has 1,000 employees with an average age of 35, thirty own-brand shops across the world including 4 in Europe (in Chamonix from 1987, Munich from 1990, Dublin from 1991 and Milan from 2002).


It pays great attention to the use of ecologically correct materials, and donates 1% of its sales to groups working to protect the environment. In line with this policy it focuses on pieces made of PCR, a fabric made from recycled plastic. The company explains that “making 150 garments from PCR saves on a barrel of petroleum and avoids the emission into the atmosphere of half a ton of toxic substances.” Their website gives updates on their ranges for men, women, and children, as well as information about their research.

Patagonia’s environmentalist philosophy  

In the following years, Patagonia enlarges its presence on the market and starts the e-commerce: its products