Pam Hogg

English ready-to-wear label. Created in 1983 by the designer of the same name, one of the most original in England at the time. After a course in fabric printing at the Glasgow School, Pam attended the Royal College of Art, specializing in printed fabrics. From her first collection she showed an unorthodox talent that predicted future trends. Her retro patchworks have been a source of inspiration for many designers, echoing the hippy trends of the 1970s. She opened a store in Newberg Street, in London’s West Soho. Her collections are characterised by an unexpected eclecticism: rangning from sexy dresses that recall turn of the century corsets, to ultramodern body-hugging stretch dresses cut with transparent panels to reveal the body, to glamorous and extravagant evening wear with fetishist echoes. Some of her pieces are unisex.