Fortnightly magazine. In September 2000 the first edition of a new magazine was published. It was innovative compared with the contemporary panorama of Italian publishing and selective in its contents, graphics, and images: Mood, the spirit of things, is a refined and cultured publication, edited by the founder Gianni Bertasso. It aims to illustrate current social trends, filtering the messages that arrive not just through fashion but also design, art, and cookery. In other words, all forms of expression capable of reflecting changes in taste. Respected journalists in the fields of news reporting, art and design collaborate with the bilingual English-Italian magazine. It is characterized by a strong spirit of research and experimentation, particularly from the point of view of iconography and contents. Mood has a strong distribution network within the trade in Italy and abroad through the most important fair events, and is aimed at all those who work in the fashion, design, and art sectors: designers, PR, journalists, architects, art galleries, show rooms, retail outlets, companies, agencies and institutions, schools and professional colleges. However, it is also aimed at a wider public following the development of trends, who subscribe to the magazine or purchase it from news kiosks, specialized shops, and retail outlets.