Menudier 1987

Rodolphe Menudier is a French footwear designer who works for very famous brands

Rodolphe. Footwear designer. He was born in Bordeaux and works in Paris. He studied at AFPC (Formation Professionnelle des Industries de la Chaussure) and, in 1987, he began his career, collaborating with Michel Perry and with French and Italian firms. He was discovered by Karl Lagerfeld who gave him the opportunity of designing a collection of shoes for Chloé in 1992. Two years later he launched his own brand. He has a world-wide market. In 2000 he began to supply Christian Dior. The store on Rue de Castiglione is still a point of reference for quality Parisian footwear. The original interior, made of walls covered with white crocodile skin and metal cupboards was designed by Cristophe Pillet, one of the most imaginative French interior designers.


Rodolphe Menudier



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