Margherita (1967). Neapolitan designer. She began her career in fashion very early on as an atelier model. While taking her high school diploma, she worked in prêt-à-porter, assisting with important representative clothing studies. Early on, however, she began to feel the need to express herself in a more creative and personal way. In 1995, she met the man who was later to become her husband and with him founded Made, a company that has been making underwear since 1996 and that has now become an important player in the field of corsetry and beachwear. Her designs are characterized by their perfect wearability and attention to the female form. Currently the collections, two a year for underwear and one for swimming costumes, are distributed in 500 shops across Europe, in four franchising stores in Italy and through the Victoria’s Secret shops in the United States. The designs are produced at the factory in Melito (Naples), currently employing about 30 members of staff.