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Mavi Jeans is a jeans brand from the Turkish company Erak, launched in 1991

Mavi Jeans is a brand of the Turkish company Erak (3 thousand employees and an annual turnover of 250 million dollars). It launched in 1991. Three years later, it was exporting 2 million jeans to the United States. The success can be explained by the strong design imprint and the fit designed to adapt to the different physical characteristics of men and women in the 32 countries in which the brand is marketed.

The company was founded by Sait Akarlilar (1940) who started as a worker and, in 1959, created a jacket and trousers workshop. His children Elif, Ersin and Seyan work alongside their father. The Cerkezkoy factory (150 kilometers from Istanbul) produces 11 million jeans a year. Mavi is available in over 440 single-brand stores and in more than 5,500 points of sale, including Zalando, About You, Otto and many others.

Mavi is a company built on quality, innovation, passion and respect for people and nature. With 30 years of experience in the denim industry, Mavi’s vision has always been to create an exceptional pair of jeans, both in fit and quality, while using less water and energy. They call this approach All Blue and it’s the vision behind their timeless jeans, because after all, durable, purposeful styles that transcend time are the most sustainable of all.

Mavi creates individual jeans styles for fashion-conscious women and men, with an attitude to trends and expertise in denim and fit. To create a complete look, Mavi offers a collection of tops that match not only the design of the jeans collection, but also the material and fit requirements.


mavi jeans

Mavi Jeans 1991

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