Josep (1965). Spanish designer of women’s ready-to-wear. Born in Barcelona, he studied drawing at the Institute Feli. In 1986, he presented his collection at the Salon Gaudì. He was twice, in 1988 and in ’89, a finalist for the Balenciaga award. He launched the Jfld line, which was very successful in Europe and later came to the U.S. Since 1990, his creativity has been at the service of a brand carrying his own name, produced by Prolam Asociados. In 1991, he established a company called Gabriella. He owns boutiques in Barcelona and Bilbao. Since 1993, he has also designed bags. In 1997, he signed a contract with the multinational company Itokin, which anticipated the opening of 35 single-brand points-of-sale in Japan and Southeast Asia. Two years later, he started a second line.