Alt emmanuelle



She was born in Paris on the 18th of May 1967 in a family that is no stranger to the spotlight and the glitter of fashion. She studied at the Institut de l’Assomption and she approached the world of fashion very young. Her mother, Françoise, was a very famous mannequin between the Sixties and Seventies, face of important fashion houses such as Lanvin  and Nina Ricci, while the father was a well-known theatrical choreographer. It was thanks to her mother that Alt fell in love with fashion when, at the age of eighteen, she attended a fashion show of Jean Paul Gaultier with her.


At the age of only seventeen she joined the editorial staff of Elle as a stylist assistant. After having a good success as a stylist, in 1993 she became editor-in-chief of the French monthly magazine 20 Ans. For the first time, Emmanuelle Alt had the opportunity to deal with a role linked more to the print magazine, to the written word and less to the image, however she never lost sight of her passion for styling.

In 1998 she became the director of the magazine Mixte. A early and uphill career that found its turning point in 2001, when she was called as style editor of Vogue Paris. When Alt arrived in Vogue, the editor-in-chief of the time, Carine Roitfeld, was making several changes to give the magazine a bolder and more provocative image. Alt had proved to be a professional with innovative ideas and an exquisitely innovative and authentic taste for fashion: the right figure for Roitfeld’s project. So, the Roitfeld-Alt duo went down in history for their memorable and controversial works on the most illustrious magazine in France.

In parallel, Alt’s career explorered new horizons by advising many brands such as Isabel Marant and Balmain. She made the total restyling of the latter, that then made it a famous and appreciated brand all over the world. Together with the stylist Christophe Decarnin, she relaunched the brand in a young and rock vision. She made blazers, leather jackets with structured shoulders and skinny jeans with Swarovski inserts iconic.


In a short time Emmanuelle Alt was recognized and appreciated for her well-defined, coherent and recognizable style, the sublime embodiment of a chic minimalism generally attributed to stylists. In an editorial by Vogue Italia about her, it said:

it’s the highest representation of contemporary Parisian chic. She does not flaunt fashion-aholic whims which are popular among modern editors and bloggers



Alt’s outfits


She wades through worldly events and illustrious parades with a flashy oxymoric essentiality. Lover of cars and speed, her outfits reflect her personality. They often consist of: tailored basic coats, blazers, skinny jeans (with a recurring low waist) and the unmissable white shirts. They match a face framed by long brown hair and a no-make-up effect. There are also a few peculiar accessories and leather jackets for a rock-chic, gritty and feminine look. Her looks are characterized by dark colours ranging from navy blue to black. In an interview she stated:

I’ll stop wearing black when they come up with an even darker color


Emmanuelle Alt’s look




The turning point came in 2011 when, after years of a venerable career alongside Roitfeld, she took over the management of Vogue Paris. On the announcement of her arrival, when a reporter from the Telegraph asked her what her editorial line was, she replied with an enigmatic “the magazine will be the same, but different”. Indeed, under the direction of Alt, Vogue Paris continues to maintain its identity coherence typical of the glossy magazine addressed to contemporary and cosmopolitan French woman, but it presents more subtle and sophisticated lines than the previous direction. For fashion shoots she turns to the best photographers on the world scene such as Mario Testino and Mert & Marcus.

Alt also chairs the committee of over 60 international experts for the LVMH Award.