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Del Core: Celebrity designer for Gucci creates a line that falls between couture and ready-to-wear. The brand was founded in Milan, in 2020.

Del Core is a fashion house founded in Milan by Daniel Del Core

Daniel Del Core established the fashion house Del Core in Milan in 2020. An ever-evolving fantasy of mutant glamour is inspired by a sense of classical beauty and a love of nature. It is meticulously executed with extraordinary manual skills and translated across various product categories, including accessories. Del Core creates pieces that combine the flowing and the architectural, tailoring and flou, with a keen sense of texture and color by fusing made-to-measure designs with ready-to-wear.

Designer Daniel Del Core, who is German by birth but adopted Milanese, assembled a group of collaborators around him as soon as he left his position as style director at Gucci, where he oversaw the company’s VIP clients and global celebrities. The team worked in lockdown to develop a new brand, which was scheduled to launch during Milan Fashion Week in February 2021.

The brand is based in Milan and has an office at Via Donizetti 30, inside a historic building that was once a brothel, according to local lore. The real atelier, the project’s beating heart, is housed inside this building.

Del core
Del Core’s atelier

Del Core’s approach to business is to combine ready-to-wear and on-demand items to produce uniquely feminine clothing for formal events and options appropriate for daily wear.

This allows the designer to apply the knowledge he acquired during his seven years at Gucci, five of which he spent working with Alessandro Michele. Under Michele’s tutelage, he refined the art of customer relations by observing a select group of actresses, artists, and celebrities. This is an essential skill for any startup established in the Covid-19 era.

Initially, the project plan—which was approved by a funding source who would like to remain anonymous—also called for the creation of footwear and accessories, which is the focus of two annual collections alongside apparel.

The atelier

The atelier is the bustling center of the via Donizetti building. Here, Daniel Del Core and his group work with textiles and textures, emphasizing beauty and Italian craftsmanship. The method is practical and depends on the skill of old methods to create a modern and evolving concept of beauty.

Haute Couture

With pieces that are distinctive, appealing, and crafted from the best materials using the best techniques, couture embodies the Del Core vision in its purest, highest form. Couture is an art of details, and each piece of clothing has an inside as well as an outside that is meticulously studied and flawless.

Del Core couture can be purchased through arranged one-on-one appointments in Milan, London, and other locations. Specifically, Daniel Del Core and his team welcome special clients for private appointments behind closed doors at the atelier on via Donizetti. Events that rotate and individual consultations in leading fashion cities are planned to spread throughout the occasional moments of such couture elegance.


The founder’s creative vision is expanded with ready-to-wear, which maintains the same level of detail in creating a wardrobe that adapts to a woman’s various needs and life events. The emphasis is on knitwear and tailoring, as well as on timeless and modular concepts. The pre-collection Abstract, which reiterates and strengthens the stylistic cornerstones of the Del Core language, is included in the offer in addition to the runway collection.

Del core

Del Core London Boutique

Situated at 123/124 New Bond Street, the three-story boutique exudes a sense of precious wonder. The signature bone color takes center stage in the atmosphere, creating an infinite space punctuated by a soaring staircase, branch-like racks, and stark yet commanding furniture. A mirror and avocatus marble jewel box with a tatami floor can be found in the hidden, private couture area on the second floor. Below ground is an open-air atelier. The outcome is a harmonious blend of contrasts that offers a deep, immersive look into the brand’s culture.

Del core
London Boutique

Conclusion: Del core is a Milanese brand founded in 2020 by Daniel Del Core.

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