Jean (1955). French designer, born in Oran, Algeria. He abandoned his studies in order to seek adventure in the world of Paris fashions. Becoming an assistant to Pierre Balmain in 1977, three years later he opened Le Comptoir du Kit, where he created jewellery and accessories for Gaultier, Montana, and Mugler. His first prêt-à-porter Collection was presented in Paris in 1985 at the French Museum of Modern Art. The success was such that he was invited to Tokyo. His line displays his choice of “poor” materials like skaï and nylon, offering clothes at affordable prices. His style has similarities with grunge, inspired by young people in the streets, with their sneakers and loose clothes. Colonna was among the first to attempt to dispense with the runway, and to present his Collections through catalogues. But very soon, he was back. His shop, rather than looking like a boutique, resembles a supermarket, with a concrete floor and checkouts at the exit. In 1999 he proposed an avant-guard line with asymmetric cuts, fishnet intertwined with cotton, and comfortable street-shoes.