The Italian National Chamber of Fashion means fifty years of Italian fashion, the years of the spectacular success of the Italian fashion world. It is a non-profit organization, founded in 1958. Its headquarters are in Milan, the capital of international fashion. It represents more than 200 Italian companies, high fashion, ready-to-wear, haute couture, sportswear, furs, cosmetics, textiles, and clothing, accessories, leatherwoods, footwear, services and distribution. It coordinates, protects, and promotes the image and the excellence of Italian fashion. It is the institution that takes care of all initiatives for the promotion of fashion in Italy and worldwide, and it is the sponsor and organizer of Milano Moda Donna and Milano Moda Uomo, the most anticipated fashion weeks around the world. In this fascinating scenario and international visibility, the Italian National Chamber of Fashion performs such essential functions as the completion of the calendar of shows and presentations, maintaining relations with the institutions, image, set design and outfitting of the runway presentations , the press office, the conception and design of special events, meetings, and conferences. The National Chamber of Fashion is the only association that had a modern runway presentation center in Milan, with large runway rooms, a central square where the public can follow the shown a video wall, live, a showroom reserved for editors and sponsors, a fully equipped press room, ample spaces to host exhibitions and presentations, and comfortable dining areas. The Camber of Fashion is the only institution on earth that organizes nine events a year devoted to fashion: Milano Moda Donna (September/Fabruary), Milano Moda Uomo (January/June), Milano Mode Precollections (May/June-November/December), Milano Moda Showroom (January/February-June/July), and Milano Moda Design (April). Under the presidency of Mario Boselli, which began in 1999 and was extended until 2010, the National Chamber of fashion’s acquired a role of primary importance in terms of institutional relations on an international level: it is a protagonist in the negotiations over the international calendars and in the alliances with Paris, London, and New York, as well as a point of reference for the other international fashion weeks: Sao Paulo, Tokyo, Shanghai, etc… Of great importance is the Italo-French Protocol of Understanding that was signed in 2000 and renewed in 2005 with Federation Francaise de la Couture. On 3 February 2003, the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (the Italian National Chamber of Fashion) acquired juridical standing as a result of the recognition awarded it by the Prefecture of Milan, Since 2003 it enjoys the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certification and since 2004 it has been accredited as an educational entity with the Region of Lombardy. Under Boselli’s leadership three new events have been created for the fashion sector dedicated to the precollections, showroom sales, and design. Another significant element derives from all the initiatives created by Camera della Moda to support and assist young talented fashion designers: from the Next Generation competition, to the start-up of new fashion companies. Alongside Baoselli, the managing director Giulia Pirovano serves with her tenacious and dynamic character, managing the complexity of the world of fashion, and institutions, and the sponsors. always in the front line , both in terms of creativity and organization, as well as involving the Camera della Moda in the various fairs and events, and especially in planning new development and future scenarios for Italian Style.