Italian clothing manufacturer specialized in knitwear, established in Concordia, Modena, in 1966. Established in order to manufacture men’s and women’s knitwear in a simple and traditional style, in 2003 Baroni entered the field of textiles. Giancarlo and Deanna Baroni, the present leaders of the company, have put together a new team of designers in order to create a new men’s line which also includes T-shirts and shirts. Baroni’s production is split into five fashion lines: Baroni women’s and Baroni men’s, both of which connote leisure and elegance; the Deanna Baroni line, more glamorous and dedicated to women; and the Roberta Puccini and Filiblu lines, the first for women and the second for men, which are aimed at a young customer and therefore lean toward the casual but still remain elegant. The Baroni lines are manufactured completely in Italy and distributed in some 1,500 points-of-sale, of which 200 are outside the country. In 2001 the company’s turnover was €23 million and the production was 700,000 pieces.