Stuart. He designs and produces two collections a year of shoes and bags, plus one collection for the Oscars. He is loved by actresses, internationally successful, and was born in New York, the son of a footwear manufacturer known as Mr. Seymour. At the age of twenty-four he replaced his father and continued production in Elda, near Alicante, in Spain, production that has now attained the volume of 2 million pairs per year. There are twelve single-label shops in the United States and twelve more around the world, while the headquarters is in New York. He is famous for having produced a million-dollar pair of shoes: a sandal-qua-jewelry made of platinum and 64-carat diamonds, worn by Laura Harring during the Oscar ceremonies in 2002. The value of the shoes were then donated to charity, a subject toward which Weitzman is especially sensitive: every year he organizes an event on behalf of breast cancer research. He sends various stars a white satin stiletto-heeled pair of shoes, which they paint, decorate, or simply sign. Then he auctions them off for charity.
&Quad;In 1998 he inaugurated his online boutique, for internet purchase of his shoes which, over the years, have become enriched with new materials such as vinyl, cork, and wallpaper. On the same website, it is possible to view and buy his line of handbags as well.
&Quad;In Summer 2003, he inaugurated a new single-label shop at Columbus Circle in New York. Weitzman shoes, distributed in 57 nations around the world through 24 boutiques and flagship stores, are present in Italy with 85 sales outlets.