Sammy (1921). French apparel manufacturer. He is a child of the Sentier, the Parisian quarter that houses the largest number of fashion artisans. With his brother Maurice, in 1946, he industrialized the small womenswear business they had inherited from their father, where he had begun to work at the age of 15. The familyl business was specialized in overcoats and non-name tailleurs. In 1962, Sammy built a technologically advanced plant at Bourges, with warehouses in Chateauneuf, and expanded production, putting his name on the product (Weinberg and, from 1980 on, Rhapsodie as well), aiming at an up-market target. In 1989, he acquired Jean-Claude, a prêt-à-porter manufacturer. He is one of the first French industrialists to institute a policy of outsourcing overseas: Portugal and Eastern Europe. The company has about 700 employees.