Bruce (1946). American photographer. He was responsible for the new image of beauty in fashion photography. Born in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, he studied in New York with Lisette Model. Here he met the photographer Diane Arbus, who would leave a deep impression upon his artistic sensibility. He began his career in the 1970s: his first personal show dates back to 1974, at the Staley-Wise gallery in New York. Weber presented a collection of photographs of body builders, showing that he had an avant-garde eye for male aesthetic trends. The physiques of men and boys depicted in the gym, with modeled muscles and glistening skin, would become standard fare only a decade later. In 1985, he took part in the major photography show at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, entitled Shots of Style. His first fashion coverage was commissioned by Vogue (English edition) in 1980. Clothing takes on the value in his images of emphasizing bodies and faces. Expressions and movements took on life in his lens, and outfits became an integral part of a cinematic sentiment transferred to paper. Weber excels at portraits and in the depiction of male beauty, which he immortalized over the course of the years, establishing an evolutionary scale of men’s aesthetics. It is no accident that in 1983 he photographed some 250 athletes who would be participating in the Olympics the following year. The first monographic work on the American photographer came out in 1989. He works frequently with the most important visual magazines on earth, from Vogue America to Vanity Fair.